Want More Batman In Your Life? I Got You Covered

Robert Pattinson Batman

The Batman soared to a $128.5 million weekend in North America — the second biggest opening in the COVID era (behind Spider-Man: No Way Home) and a dynamite beginning for any era. And it did all this in spite of its nearly three-hour run time.

Being something of a Bat-fan, I’ve been written quite a bit about the guy over the last few days. So for those who run across this post and might be interested, here’s a rundown of it all.

For starters, you can read my Plugged In movie review right here (on Plugged In, obviously). The Plugged In staff talks about The Batman on our podcast, too.

Naturally, that movie review is more about The Batman’s cinematic nuts-and-bolts: Is it good? (It is.) Is it problematic? (It is.) But for those who want to take a bit of a deeper dive into the movie’s biggest themes — themes that I think have a spiritual takeaway — check out my post on Patheos’ Watching God. I also wrote a piece for The Christian Post on the character of Batman himself: Why, after all these years and with all of his problems, he’s truly a hero we both deserve and need.

Oh, and yeah, my book — God on the Streets of Gotham — is still available on Amazon and some other outlets. So if you want to really spelunk the Bat Cave for spiritual themes, it might be worth checking out.

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