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I’m an author, journalist and blogger. Oh, I’m also a religion, movie and pop culture geek.

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Want More Batman In Your Life? I Got You Covered

The Batman soared to a $128.5 million weekend in North America — the second biggest opening in the COVID era (behind Spider-Man: No Way Home) and a dynamite beginning for any era. And it did all this in spite of its nearly three-hour run time. Being something of a Bat-fan, I’ve been written quite a…

Godzilla vs. Kong Owes a Debt to a Cartoonist’s ‘Pet’

Big monsters are big business. Just a glance at Godzilla vs. Kong will tell you that. Despite a flyaway script and rather indifferent acting, these two towering kaiju just might star in the first real blockbuster we’ve seen in a year. Fitting, given how many actual blocks the two of them bust in Hong Kong.…

Director Lee Isaac Chung on ‘Wrestling With God’ in Minari

Oscar nominations were released earlier this week, and Minari—one of my favorite films of the year—snagged six of them, including one for Best Picture. Lee Isaac Chung was nominated for two himself: Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. I actually had a chance to talk with Chung a week before the Oscar noms, when Minari was fresh off…

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