It\’s Alive! It\’s Alive!

For those of you who\’ve been dutifully checking in here for the last two months, wondering when the heck I was going to get off my duff and say something new, I\’ve actually been prattling quite a bit … in a different locale. I\’m now doing most of my entertainment-related blogging over at for my new Watching God blog. It\’s a good forum and a fun blog to write. And if you visit there, I\’m sure my Patheos editors would appreciate it and perhaps send healthy bonuses my way.

That said, this space will not die. No siree. While Cairns Along the Way has been, admittedly, in suspended animation for the last two months (much like a character from Interstellar), I hope to expand the use of this space a bit. I\’ll republish some of my Patheos work here. If I write something that I feel might interest you on one of the other blogs to which I contributesay, over at Plugged In or Dad MattersI\’ll let you know about that here. I\’ll keep you up to date on any new book projects, too. And, of course, if I have a yen to talk about something that\’s not so pegged to entertainment or pop culture, this\’ll be where I\’ll post it. Cairns Along the Way has always been, in my mind, about finding the fingerprints of God along our sometimes halting walks of faith. And, of course, you don\’t need to be in a movie theater to find them.

Thanks, as always, for checking in. Look forward to walking along with you for some time to come.

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