A Deal Even Bruce Wayne Couldn’t Pass Up

What would be the perfect Christmas gift?
Naturally, it’d be indescribably cool—both entertaining and inspirational. It would be something you wouldn’t have to wrap. Oh, and ideally, it’d be free.
But where could you find a gift like this? Shangri la? Never Neverland? The North Pole?
Well, OK, so probably all those places have really great gifts, too. But they’re pretty hard to get to on a budget and their Internet connectivity is spotty. And let’s face it: When it comes to the North Pole, those elves can be a cantankerous bunch.
But thankfully, there isa gift that you can get right from the comfort of your own computer (or tablet or smartphone or other super-techy device). And unless my eyes are deceiving me, you’re at one of those devices right now. Which means you’re just a click or two away from a gift that will make you a legend among your family and friends, a gift that, if your place in heaven wasbased on works, would surely get you a place in a trendy heavenly neighborhood.
What gift could do all this? An e-copy of my book, of course. Tyndale is offering God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us About God and Ourselvesabsolutely free starting right now and lasting through Dec. 8. Naturally, you gotta have some sort of e-reader like a Kindle to actually read the book. But trust me: Spending a few hundred dollars on a tabletish-like device is a bargain for the wit and wisdom found in this book (if I do say so myself). It looks like it’s available through Amazon and the Apple bookstore and who-knows-where-else.
Of course, if you wanted to have a real, paper-and-ink copy of the thing, I’m sure Tyndale has a few of those available, too. But you’ll have to pay for those.
At any rate, I’d love it if you passed this bit of information onto anyone you think might be interested … or, as I say, give it as a gift. I’d like to think that it’d be a nice little addendum to a Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray.
Alas, I cannot sign e-books. But, should you download one and wish to drop me a line, I’ll send back a picture of my signature that you can print out and paste on whatever nifty device you happen to use.
Best wishes, folks, and happy reading.

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