Big Interview With Big Hollywood

I\’ve been doing some radio interviews to promote my book, and I\’m pretty astounded with how weird those interviews can be. It has nothing to do with the folks interviewing me, and everything to do with me–particularly when I\’m speaking for radio or television. I\’m concentrating so much on speaking for a certain length of time (not too short, not too long) that I sometimes forget halfway through my answer what I\’m actually saying. And then, when I finally stop speaking, I think to myself, \”so, what did I just say? Did I actually string together any coherent sentences together at all? Did I even use any nouns?\”

So it\’s nice when I read back and interview and I discover that, yes, I am able to piece together a reasonable sentence under circumstances. Such was the case with my interview with Christian Toto, movie guru for Big Hollywood and a good friend. I thought I\’d link to it here, just in case you\’re interested. Hope you enjoy.

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